Maryland's Premier Celebrity Magician For Parties And Various Events.
"David. You really
made me look good,
-Jennifer Coridon
"David, Please
Give Me Your
    Master MD Entertainer Magician David Breth entertains with his
    unique blend of family fun, comedy magic & audience participation!
    You will experience a hilarious professional performer, David is a
    terrific magician and entertainer who "impresses" the "know-it-all-
    teenagers" and also has the amazing ability to captivate the hard to
    please CEO.

    Bottom line:
    David Breth will dazzle you with his effects, charisma and charm!
"David, You were
-Debra S. Katz
Dave Breth  -
The top performer of the last
5 years  we have had at our
center for entertainment”
Karen Lumpkin
Coordinator, Senior Services
Rockville Senior Center
quoted 3.22.2010
"Official" Magician
Cal Ripken
World Series
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David Breth is...
  • Police and FBI back-ground checked
  • Fully Insured
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if you answered "yes" then please allow me to introduce myself.

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    comedy-magic entertainer you found the one.

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