Dear Fellow Knowledge Seeker,

Ever imagined how amazing it would be to achieve success like other people? Ever
though to yourself,
‘How come they find success so easily?’  Have you ever wondered
what it would be like to have the touch that turns everything into gold? Ever wished it
was YOU that could achieve success as easily?   

If I said to you that you could achieve all of the above by using the powers that you
already possess, deep within your own mind, what would you say? Would it be
something along the lines of,
‘Oh yea Steve? And what crack-pot theory are you
brainwashed with?’

And guess what, I would not blame you! If I could teach you everything you need;
Overcoming your inhibitions and fears, how to use the laws of nature to achieve
success by it coming to YOU, and not you running to it?

What if I told you that every event that had arose in your life before this moment in time
happened as a result of your thoughts and actions, and everything that happens after
reading this is totally in your hands?   

If I turned to you and said that
'I could teach you something amazing that has been
handed down for generations by the most supreme minds since the beginning of
time, and after me teaching you, you could shape your own destiny?'  

As I said before, you’d think I was mad. BUT… What if I told you this was true…?  

          That’s right! You can shape your own destiny!

The Law of Attraction: The Best Kept Secret To Being Able To Achieve Your Every
Aspiration, Just By Listening.  

                 Benefits of Exploring the Law of Attraction

You can achieve anything you want!

    The Gem of the Law of Attraction is that you don’t feel any restrictions you felt
    before. You can go out into the open finally feeling free to experience a side of
    life that you never even knew existed, all down to this amazing ancient

2) You can make any changes in your life you have always wanted to make!

    Most of the time we end up stuck in our daily habits as we find it easier to go
    along with things that we are used to, and we are unsure about how to go about
    changing. Fortunately, nothing ever has to be “just the way it is”.   
Here is what this guide will teach you...
How to use your mind to create your own destiny:
  • How Outlooks Affect Your Daily Practices

  • How To Use The Laws of Nature to
    Achieve Success by it Coming to You

  • The True Secret of Success
The great Buddha himself taught these practices, he said, “What you have become
is what you have thought.”
This is ancient wisdom that will never lose its truth as
proved in the hundreds of years since it was first spoken. Now YOU can learn to use
this wisdom to help you map out the rest of your life.

So much can be achieved with the law of attraction, but so many people do not even
acknowledge the power that they hold within! So much suffering could have been
stopped if the people involved only knew the power they have hidden within!

This is the truth, it’s always been the truth and it will always be the truth, no matter how
many people try to discourage it.
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Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny
Make Your Dream Come True
(Program Your Mind with the Law of Attraction)
Steve Hart
David Breth
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