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Are you. . .and your teen. . .tired of the same old parties?  

Would you like to give a birthday party (or other celebration) the
teens will be talking ...and laughing...about for years to come.  

Sound fun?  
It’s all possible. ...with a little magic!

Satisfy Even the Toughest Audience
If you are a parent, you know teenagers are a tough audience.  They
don’t want “kiddie” shows but they’re not ready for "adult"
entertainment either.

David Breth, “The Tween Entertainer,” gets that. From the moment
he takes the floor, he grabs everyone’s attention ... especially the
"KNOW-IT-ALL" teens. He knows exactly how to reach in,
penetrate their
“I’m too cool to enjoy this” veneer and leave them
captivated and wanting more!

Your Teen Will LOVE You
Every part of “The Teen Entertainer’s” show is full of energy and
audience participation. Your teen and their guests will have the time
of their life as “part of the show!”  

You may not get a kiss for your efforts, but the smile on their faces
will say it all and it is
100% Squeaky-Clean Fun

Don’t worry about the guest list either. Everyone will feel included!

The shows are packed with high-energy
G-rated fun and totally
appropriate for teens of all ages. Great Aunt Ruth will enjoy the
hilarity too!  

Not Just for Birthday Parties!
The shows are not just for Birthday Parties either. Family reunions,
corporate family picnics, summer camp, Synagogues, scouts,
churches, ...any gathering of mixed ages will come alive.  

Why stand around and stare at each other! Get the party. . .and
conversation. . .going with a little magic.

Part Entertainment, Part Mesmerizing Magic
Nothing tames an unruly group like spell-binding, “gosh-how’d-he-
do-that” magic.

David delivers a show of sophisticated comedy and magic that will
keep you guessing. . .right up to the end.

Key West Magician David Breth's Calendar Fills Quickly

If you need that special date, call today. Calendars fill quickly and
you won’t to miss this opportunity to give your teen a surprise to

Let David Put the Spark of Magic in Your TEENS Next Event!

Calls are answered 24 Hours a day (leave voice mail if no answer).
Dial (305) 906-1987 for rates and availability

Due to his specialized teen shows DAVID BRETH’s calendar fills
VERY QUICKLY, so call today to avoid losing out. ASK ABOUT

    "David Breth made my daughter's 14th birthday party simply
    unforgettable! He's not only a great magician, but also an
    awesome entertainer.

    He completely wowed all the teenagers in the audience (not an
    easy feat), and also all the parents - that after dropping off their
    kids decided to stay and watch the show.

    His magic was amazing, his personality super fun and humorous,
    and he was extremely professional. At the end of the birthday,
    kids and parents alike came up to me and said this was definitely
    the party of the year. Thank you David Breth for making my
    daughter's birthday such a memorable event!"

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